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If you would like to improve the signs of ageing there are several options.

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Beautiful Skin.

We can offer you individual counselling to meet your requirements and agree a treatment plan to meet your objectives to rejuvenate your skin and to make you look more attractive. The following methods can be applied:

Hyaluronic Acid

For a safe treatment you need to have the expertise and long-term experience to use the „right“ HA in the right place for example you must avoid clogging lymph vessels under the eyes, which can happen if the wrong type of acid is used. There are cross-linked and not-linked HA`s.


One is predominantly used as a filler for lines or cavities, the other to revitalize the skin, differentiation is important. Rest assured, that we have all the knowledge and expertise to make the treatment safe.


Poly-lactic-acid (PLA) can induce collagen formation to build up the skin. Unlike collagen itself, which is no longer being used for injection purposes, because it can induce allergic reactions, PLA is a safe substance. PLA has a long-lasting effect (up to two years) and can be successfully used to treat deep lines.

Hand Rejuvenation

The appearance of your hands tells your age. But you can de something about it. A combination treatment for your hands can make all the difference. Three appointments are necessary, the price includes treatment products:


Skin augmentation
Removal of Age Spots
Laser Tightening

Effective, gentle and innovative.

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