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Skincancer Screening

In Europe the number of skin cancer incidents increases rapidly because people are frequently exposed to sunlight during outdoor sports, holidays or in suntanning studios. Because skin cancer does not "hurt", early diagnosis and treatment are essential.

Muttermale Unter Der Lupe

Skin cancer is the most common cancer.

Having spent time at the Queensland Melanoma Center, Brisbane, we work with the Australian “Mole Max System”. This is a computer system, which is able to scan and compare moles, perform a computer analysis (mole analysis) and to ensure treatment is carried out as early as possible to prevent the development of melanomas and non melanotic skin cancer (NMSC) e.g. actinic keratosis, BCC, SCC, CIS.

This system is also an excellent tool to monitor congenital moles in children or moles where a skin lesion needs to be supervised for example during pregnancy.

We recommend that you make an appointment for a mole examination if you have any concerns.

Book an appointment today and get your mole check.

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