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Laser Treatment

LASER means "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" i.e. a definite wave length which is emitted to treat the corresponding structure in the skin without damaging the other skin structures. We have multiple laser types. Each laser only operates with one wavelength, and therefore is used to target a specific issue. In our practice we have invested in five lasers, so we can ensure we are using the best technology for the optimal outcome.

In our practice laser treatments are an important part of our treatment portfolio.

We offer a unique combination of skills, experience and technology. Dr. Ravens combines deep knowledge with a passion for new technology, and holds the Diploma for Aesthetic Laser medicine (D.A.L.M). She is one of a few dermatologists in Switzerland who hold this diploma.
Note: the D.A.L.M Diploma requires a three year intensive university course.

We are also members of different laser societies (DDL, DDG, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)) to ensure you, that we can always offer you the best possible standards in technology.

If you are considering laser treatment for any skin lesions, it is very important they are checked by us (i.e. qualified dermatologists) first before proceeding into any treatment to ensure they are harmless and not indicative of any skin cancer. Numerous entities can be treated, for easier overview we divide them into the following:

Pigments/Solar Lentigo (ageing spots)
Pigmented Lesions (Chloasma, Melasma, Freckles, Hyperpigmentation after operations or accidents (postinflammatory)
Benign Skin Lesions
Laser Treatment of Warts
Laser Treatment of Scars
Skin Rejuvenation
Tattoo Removal
Hair Removal
Common and Rare Skin Conditions
Pigmentmale/Altersflecken Auf Der Stirn

“Condition to be treated/Before”

Pigments/Solar Lentigo

We use the Picoway laser to effectively treat ageing spots without side effects. The photomechanical effect of this laser is unique. By applying ultrashort pulses of high energy a removal with less downtime is made possible.

“Condition to be treated/Before”

Pigmented Lesions

With other pigment lasers, far more heat is applied, which can cause side effects. This laser is safer because almost no heat and smaller particles are created which are more easily absorbed. There are no wounds with this laser treatment.

Gutartige Hautveränderung, Wie Eine Warze, Auf Dem Kinn.

“Condition to be treated/Before”

Benign Skin Lesions

We have a special ablative laser to treat dermal naevi, seborrhoeic keratoses, actinic keratoses, Bowen`s disease or Xanthelasma. After ensuring they are benign these lesions can be removed safely without scars or depigmentation. Safely without leaving scars or white spots (depigmentation).
Unlike the CO2 laser, which can leave scars, we use an Erbium Yag laser as this removes the tissue without impacting (e.g. heating up) the skin`s deeper layers.

Warzen Auf Den Fingern

“Condition to be treated/Before”

Laser Treatment of Warts

Common warts or plantar warts are sometimes not easy to treat. Laser technology with the pulsed dye laser offers a treatment without operation, without leaving scars or harmful side effects. The laser beam quickly heats up the blood vessels in the wart so that the blood stream is interrupted. The warts vanish, the surrounding tissue or nail is not affected. (Note: especially warts around the nail i.e. periungual warts can be treated very effectively without leaving nail defects).

Handgelenk Mit Einer Langen, Sichtbarer Narbe

“Condition to be treated/Before”

Treatment of Scars

Scars after operations, acne or keloid formation are not only physically irritating, they can also be of aesthetic concern. We offer a combination of medical treatment and modern laser technology. This combination enables us to find solutions for the treatment of complex cases. Please note, multiple treatments may be required to treat a scar.

Sichtbare Blutgefässe In Rot Und Violett

“Condition to be treated/Before”


Numerous conditions can be treated including teleangiectasia, Rosacea teleangiectatica, haemangiomas, port-wine Stains, venous lakes, Cherry angiomas, Spider angioma, “sunburst” veins, Naevus flammeus, a red nose or facial redness. The laser beam destroys the vessel deep in the skin without irritating the other skin structures (selective thermolysis). Sometimes a combination procedure using injections and lasers will be recommended to a client.

Fachperson Untersucht Die Haut Am Rücken Mit Einer Lupe Und Licht

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin revitalization is a growing demand. More people want an appearance that matches the way they feel inside: young and full of possibilities. However, they want to achieve this by less invasive treatments, preferably laser treatments.


For skin rejuvenation we have the possibility to use two laser systems:
First, the Picoway laser is a breakthrough in laser technology, as it delivers ultra-short bursts of energy into the skin in a trillionth of a second. With this unique technology collagen formation is enhanced, photo-damaged tissue, wrinkles and laxity are improved.
Secondly we use the Erbium FRAXEL laser (i.e. laser in fractional mode). The latter treatment is needed where rapid delivery of products into the skin will produce better
results. It is mainly used for laser-assisted PDT (see PDT)


Sometimes a combination of treatment options is essential: e.g. removal of pigment by laser, building up deeper structures by fillers or regular cosmetic treatments such as peels, Hydrafacial.

Zwei Tätowierte Hände

“Condition to be treated/Before”

Tattoo removal

For tattoo removal we use the modern Picoway laser.
The unique photomechanical effect of this laser leads to better results, less treatment sessions and reduce pain. Additionally almost all colors (Black, brown, blue, green, red and yellow) can be treated. This will usually require multiple sessions depending on the complexity of the tattoo.

Enthaarte Schöne Beine

Laser Hair Removal

The FDA approved Alexandrite laser`s high melanin absorption characteristics and proven longterm results make it the ideal wavelength for excellent hair reduction.
Our laser has an additional option for the treatment of dark skin types.

Dermatosen Gesicht

“Condition to be treated/Before”

Common and Rare Skin Conditions

Several conditions can be ideally treated by laser:
Psoriasis, acne, Lichen sclerosus or rare conditions such as Granuloma faciale, Granuloma annulare, Sarcoidosis, Leishmania etc.
If you have any concerns, please contact us for an initial consultation.

Statement about Fees
We do not have a “menu of fees” as we believe every client is unique and requires a bespoke approach. As dermatologists we believe an initial consultation is necessary to ensure your treatment can be carried out safely. It is best practice to check any skin lesion/mark is not cancerous before using a laser.
We can combine an initial consultation and treatment depending on the circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your needs and concerns. Initial consultations are usually covered by Swiss medical insurance (for Swiss citizens).
For all other clients you will receive an invoice for the cost of this consultation, which can be deduced from the cost of your procedure if you proceed.

Effective, gentle and innovative.

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