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The photodynamic therapy is a highly efficient, evidence-based and beneficial procedure to repair sun-damaged skin and actinic keratoses.

Pinke Laserstrahlen Auf Schwarzem Grund

Modern, efficient and gentle.

The latter lesions are an early form of skin cancer (early SCC) and need to be treated, as they can suddenly develop into an SCC. So, if you experience a reddish, scaly spot that does not vanish for weeks, particularly on sunlight exposed areas (forehead, scalp, nose, ears) it can be such a lesion. For the PDT a special cream (A-LA) is applied to the affected areas and in the following radiation with a red light all marked cells are removed leaving younger, healthier looking skin.


UVA (315-400 nm) and UVB (280-315 nm) light can be used individually or combined in the treatment of numerous skin diseases, such as
Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, Lichen ruber, polymorphic light dermatitis, pruritic diseases etc.

Effective, gentle and innovative.

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