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For diagnosis and treatment several tests can be used.


Prick Testing

If you suffer from hay fever, or have allergies against house dust mites, animals, mould, insect bites (bee, wasp) or have bowel problems, migraine or urticaria, and want to check for allergies against food or additives, a prick test can be a good way of finding out the cause for the symptoms.

Patch test

If you suffer from recurring eczema this test can detect the triggers such as nickel, perfume, additives in cosmetics, dental material (amalgame, metal, acrylic compounds) or job-related substances (relevant for people such as hairdressers, metal workers ).


Atopy-patch-testing can be performed for patients with atopic dermatitis to detect the foodinducing triggers.

Nasal Testing/RAST

Prior to an immune therapy it is important to identify the allergens. Different methods such as nasal testing (where the allergen is applied like a “nose spray”) or a blood test (RAST) are helpful to find the triggers.

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