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Picoway laser

A new era of pigment removal with the revolutionary Picoway Laser.

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The Picoway laser, equipped with newest picosecond technology, allows a more gentle and convenient way of treatment with better results. Compared to current Q-switched Nd-Yag or Ruby laser systems with the Picosecond Laser about half of treatment sessions are necessary.

Smooth treatment of Acne and Wrinkles with Picoway Resolve

Are you aware, that most patients with acne have scar formation due to a lack of collagen

With the ultrashort light impulses of Picoway Resolve collagen and elastin formation is induced. This is not done by application of heat but by a kind of „shockwave“ directly targeting the pigment or skin layer you want to treat without damaging the other tissue.

So, you can improve acne and make even, healthier looking skin possible by rejuvenating the skin and removing pigment in one treatment session. In studies an excellent response in 94% could be shown.

Effective technology with three wave lengths for removal of almost all permanent make-up and tattoo colours

Ageing spots, pigmentation in permanent make-up, chloasma/melasma or tattoos are composed of pigments of different colours. With the ultrashort pulses of picosecond technology this pigment is fragmented into very small particles: the smaller the fragments, the quicker they can be removed. Compared to other laser systems it is possible to reduce the number of treatment sessions, there is less or almost no down-time.

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